Thursday, December 29, 2011

No You DI' int.

So you have been working hard at your goals, you feel good, you look good, you've been exercising hardcore, you dress up go to a party and nobody gives you the double take. nobody compliments you, in fact you receive a 'oh you look fat in that dress'...ohhhh say WHAT? hell no that didn't just happen right? Bam! you suddenly feel miserable, start eating like a food junkie, and you give up on your goals thinking that nothing will change anyways so you might as well continue the way things were.

So what happened in this story folks? As humans we ALL like compliments we ALL appreciate them despite feeling shy or humble it still makes one feel good internally. It's humanistic nature. However, the problem with society is that WE ARE ALL EXPECTING TO MUCH. Say to yourself if you LOOK good, you FEEL good, then so be it. no compliment from no man or woman should have to make you feel great about yourself.

So say for example you're working out and you've lost five pounds. Five pounds of weight loss equals those five self compliments that you've earned! Screw the empty compliments and keep on forward with your weight lost goals. Fact of the matter is, who knows if you're at some club by the end of the night some joe shmoe gives you his number and tells you that you look great could be just be a fat lie to 'get that little something extra'.

Instead save yourself the trouble and start complimenting yourself. Look how far you've fought to get where you are, to achieve what was unachievable to begin with. Be proud of yourself, how you look, how you feel, and what you've accomplished in life. Be your own self motivational speaker because in the end feeling bad or good depends on you.


Saturday, December 17, 2011

Stay Committed!!

A billion people living with a billion commitments.

Commitments bear a great deal of responsibility and decision making. We all have them but how many of us follow through? Committed to work, exercise, having a social life, it all gets tedious and gruesomely tiring but we gotta go with the grind. it allows for better relationships, good organizational skills, and good feelings of accomplishments. For example, I am a workaholic. I love what I do, especially when I am getting paid overtime for it. Would I normally pass up the chance to say 'no' to OT??....hellz to the no

....but in this case I did.

I had made an appointment with an individual and although it might have been the least significant priority on my list I kept the appointment instead of cancelling. To the individual it was important, to me I felt like I had missed my cash flow and had envisioned moths flying out of my empty pockets. Regardless the individual was impressed and happy, I had a good time and learned good things. In the long run it was well worth it.

We all have commitments but keeping them in check is another. Stop cancelling and putting off certain responsibilities because you 'don't feel like it' or you'd rather be doing such and such. Stay committed, keep your promises, and follow through 100% because these commitments will give you positive results in the long run.

stay dedicated y 'all! woot!

Monday, December 05, 2011

Play Nice

Alright, I am not going to lie...and i'll say this right now people are definitely scrooges around this time of year. People are more stressed, in a rush, and in more of a 'curs-able' mood' I have a real tolerance for ignorance but who am I to we all never had that "i hope you get out of that car so I can ninja chop your ass" thought.

Come on' people tis the season to be kind, sharing, thoughtful, and downright respectful. I mean if you can't do it during any other time of year..THIS WOULD BE THE TIME. If you're going to be an asshole as a full time job at least do it during May, June, or July where the season is nice and nobody gives a shit.

But December....oh boy December is cold, people are stressed because they have to spend more money, more effort to gather the family and so on. So there's my rant..moral of the story ladies and gentlemen? the next time you're rude to someone...they could likely kick your wait sorry moral of the story...always be nice to one another, whats the point in being Mr. mc'scrooge, we at least owe that much to one another ;)

Gambai (cheers)!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Moving On...

So I am talking to a close friend, she tells me last night her boyfriend of five years has broken up with her. He tells her he loves her but has fallen out of love. Alright, I am definitely not one to talk about lovey dovey issues, but I've had my fair share of crappy excuses and break ups. Let's face it playing the dumper, especially the dumpee role sucks lemons. I never understood the concept of why people can't explain themselves. Every answer comes short formed such as "I'm sorry I just don't love you anymore". "I don't know", or "i'm sorry I don't know what else to tell you".

Surely people should know how or where or when things went wrong. If it was a combination of things then pray tell and give examples. Dumpers out there you should owe the dumpees THAT much at least, given the years of effort, tears, sweat, and energy. I guess that is how some relationships work, and personalities change along with emotions.

Being in love is great, and every loved one has engraved a piece of themselves within a relationship despite good and bad (hopefully more for good). However, many people have lost themselves in a relationship, we forget who we once were lacking in personal identity, so those of you who are in the midst of a break up, experiencing a fresh breakup, or have difficulty forgetting an old break up, revive your self independence and uplift your personal identity once again. I know it is easier said then done yet it's true and must be done.

Remember who you once were: Were you that independent self sufficient, stubborn yet loveable individual? Were you that selfish yet determined individual in which nothing could stop you from reaching your goals? Did you have a personal bucket list of goals you wanted to achieve? Were you one to always have Saturday parties with friends, and Sunday brunch with families? Main point is take what you learned and loved from the relationship and move on.

Moving on will take time but one way or another it will happen. This moment gives one a chance to take control of a situation and focus on one's self. Furthermore it may be a blessing into reaching great achievements without hindrance or to meet someone that is more suitable. So all you dumpee's out there keep your heads held high arch your back and keep on moving forward as some of the changes that occur may be more positive than you think!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Not Worth It

Y'ello People!

Ever get angry and raised on the defense at what people say? Jumping to conclusions, making assumptions, and fuming at comments that a loved one has made? I gotta say its just not worth it. I know for a fact there isn't one person out there that has not been upset at comments made from a parent or from a significant other. Let's face it, parents are opinionated, heck EVERYONE is opinionated in ways more so than others. The idea is control, otherwise the anger will consume you and you start rising to the defense "well if i ...this and that"..."well if you..this and that". It leads to blame, it leads to awkwardness, and useless arguments. Just think is it really worth it? Instead try talking about it and if that doesn't work then divert your energy elsewhere. Talk to friends, family, kick that shit out of a punching bag whatever works. It's not worth to argue and fight over nonsense because once you've got it under control and you let it pass things will go back to normal. You will have cooled down by that time and hopefully it will lead to better conversations!

cheers! <3

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

You make me AngShuS!

Whats Up World! Hope You all are doing well and dandy. I want to start off today by talking about the "A" word. not that one and no it doesn't end with "hole" smart ass. Now, I just want to say it's these "A" type of people that will eat and grind at every fiber of your being, and Yes its a natural human emotion and I won't lie if I said I've never been a victim to this word.

So That being said are YOU an anxious person?

With every thing that humanity has to experience and go through anxious people make things even worse. They will sigh with extreme distress, and are uptight about the most miniscule details that can be easily fixed. Anxiety will go so far as to extend its energy and affect their surroundings. Needless to say the least anxious people and anal-ness go hand in hand. Either way they are "A" types. When anal people don't get their way they get anxious, those who are anxious attempt to become anal to seek balance and control of their anxiety. It's like a never ending cycle and these people never realize who they affect or how this form of negative energy can dampen the atmosphere whether it be work or play.

So prior to freaking out ask yourself these questions:
Can it be fixed? If not are the consequences THAT severe? (if any at all). Do I have the opportunity to change it the second time? Have I learned anything from this? Is it the end of the world and zombies have become the living dead? Do I have a flesh eating disease?

If you've answered 'no' for either one of the last two questions YOU'LL BE FINE. So stop making a big stink out of the most ridiculous nonsense, take a deep breath, come to your senses, regain your strength and take a chill flippin pill y'all!

"revenge feels great but love feels even greater!" - quju


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Overworked and Underpaid....

Hi all!

Sorry been away for the longest time readers! Okay so here are all the things that have happened to me thus far, I graduated, I got a job, I had to support my significant other in job transitions, I got engaged, fought for my parent's blessings and now here I am.

I've been working and trying to save and save and thought long and hard how difficult it is to live without finances. Let's beat the sugar coating and get can't live good without money, but truth of the matter is you can work your bazookas off but it will never be enough. As humans we always want more and more, people want to work hard and play hard. Sometimes we become so preoccupied with ourselves we forget what it is like to rest, to reserve our energy, to relax, heal, and most of calm the fuck down (excuse my poor verbals). Fatigue and stress is our biggest enemy, it consumes you, it makes you older physically and mentally, and it weakens the soul to liberation and success in life.

The world is consistently moving at such a fast rate, everyone is in a rush to get married, to pay bills, to do chores, to be the wonder parent, etc etc and the list goes on. That's just it. The list will forever go on. If you have a job money will always flow and I am not insinuating on spending all that you have, but take a break from work if you can. Don't try to push that extra over time. Treat yourself to a massage, the spa, buy yourself a gift, allow friends to babysit and go on a date, and say to yourself I'm going to enjoy myself because I definitely deserve it! So take a break, look at what surrounds you and take a deep breath!


Saturday, July 02, 2011

Been Awhile Crocodiles

Hi All!

Life you know how it is busy busy busy so I apologize for not writing a post for some time now! Anyways I'm out of the Mac and ready to attack thank you for all your support to my few readers and for future readers sorry for not being able to get back to you! Any hoo I'm still here and this blog is still alive.........hopefully =)

Also, I am taking part of a fundraising event for children with disabilities and special needs. I know we are all a little tight on our budget now a days which I fully understand but if we can all get together and help pitch in a penny or two or more lets help these children have a better advantage. To be able to receive things we wanted in our childhood so I hope you all can help me out and sponsor me in this event whereby I will be rappelling i think 29 stories for these children!

The link is

If you sponsored me thank you!
if you considered it thank you!
if you read this post thank you!
Lets make the world a better place, peace, love, and wishing you all happy days!

Monday, February 07, 2011

Are YOU a Vacuum?

Now we all know and tell ourselves not to be open to negative energy etc etc. We all should live by this rule but truth of the matter: not everyone gets along with everyone. Whether it be a co worker, student colleague, or team mate. It also becomes extremely difficult when negativity comes from those that you need assistance from, things such as a referral, a reference, or a good grade.

There are those who want you to succeed, there are those who willingly help depending on good performance, but there are those who feed off negativity and make your life miserable because they know you need them. They grill you with questions you have no answers to, they laugh at you when they feel you 'should' know something but you don't, you try hard but receive no positive feedback, and rather than help they enjoy pulling you into a downwards spiral.

These people are what I like to call the Vacuum.
one tracked direction, ugly, full of dirt, and sucks you in.

It is easy to become discouraged by people of this nature, but think of it as the biggest challenge and accomplishment in your life. If these people like to play than play back harder. You don't know the answers go look it up, if you 'should' have known but didn't than you learn, if you make a mistake understand it and don't do it again, and most of all give yourself credit and a pat on the back.

You've lived something odd years thus far without 'Vacuum's' feedback and surely you don't require it to move on in life. Do what is necessary, be open to constructive feedback, and maintain positive no matter what, because once you are done with the vacuum brush off the dirt and throw it in the closet!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

20 centimeters of kindness

Okay, it's snowing ridiculously where I am from. Flights getting delayed, people not showing up for work, and vehicles getting stuck, all for the sake of 20 centimeters of heavy snow. Now I know people have their daily agendas for the day and unless it is an emergency or one is in a rush, would it really kill to stop and help the individual out of a rut? Especially if you drive a 4x4 and have the necessary equipment to assist, such as a shovel, rope, or solid breakers.

I see others driving by nonchalantly like Mr. bean and his bean mobile without a care as to look at others. We all live on this forsaken earth experiencing the same forsaken circumstances. The single most important thing we all have is each other. So do a good deed, give what you have to offer and take a little time to help. Surely, everyone needs a push when stuck in 20 centimeters of snow...............

unless you live in nice warm weather than never mind......................j/k.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Got My Eye on You

Waiting to cross
Over sized Yellow raincoat
Big rubber boots

Bright Lights Glare
Almost blinding. foggy
Flickering Mist from the rain

dripping cold.

Soaked from droplets
and splashes from side passing cars
Pedestrian Lights switches on behind dark solid grid lines
Looking both ways, cold...wet...shivering.

Final step to end of the gray mildly cracked pavement
stop light flashes, a car begins to pass
A glance. A smile

Waiting to cross
In big rubber boots.

Glimmer of sunlight
drips of remaining rain
Warmth. A breath. A smile.

Always smile people as you never know who is watching
You just may have caught someones attention as your smile just made you 100% more attractive!

*cheers to all you lovely people*

Monday, January 03, 2011

Series of Unfortunate Events

We've all had our share of bad days and to say the least we are all allowed to be feeling depressed, sad, and confused. A mix of emotions that stir the mind when unfortunate events occur, events that are controlled by fate, destiny, with or without reason, or affected by negative choices from loved ones.

The significance lies in how we take the next step in rectifying the situation; talking with friends, exercising, taking some time away to think, or compromising with loved ones. Whatever cards you are dealt with in life confront your dilemmas and attempt to handle them the best way possible. Although we cannot control life's events we are able to control the aftermath, it's up to you to make your journey a positive or negative experience.