Saturday, December 17, 2011

Stay Committed!!

A billion people living with a billion commitments.

Commitments bear a great deal of responsibility and decision making. We all have them but how many of us follow through? Committed to work, exercise, having a social life, it all gets tedious and gruesomely tiring but we gotta go with the grind. it allows for better relationships, good organizational skills, and good feelings of accomplishments. For example, I am a workaholic. I love what I do, especially when I am getting paid overtime for it. Would I normally pass up the chance to say 'no' to OT??....hellz to the no

....but in this case I did.

I had made an appointment with an individual and although it might have been the least significant priority on my list I kept the appointment instead of cancelling. To the individual it was important, to me I felt like I had missed my cash flow and had envisioned moths flying out of my empty pockets. Regardless the individual was impressed and happy, I had a good time and learned good things. In the long run it was well worth it.

We all have commitments but keeping them in check is another. Stop cancelling and putting off certain responsibilities because you 'don't feel like it' or you'd rather be doing such and such. Stay committed, keep your promises, and follow through 100% because these commitments will give you positive results in the long run.

stay dedicated y 'all! woot!