Thursday, February 26, 2009

::didn't know it hurt::

I never really understood why people can't be nice to eachother. For example, the other day i was in the library and needed to use the computer, the lady refused to extend my time limit after one hour of usage. There were tons of available computers and hardly any people in the library. So i tell her the gentleman who works there often extends my limit, and she replies "well i dont know why he did that, he shouldn't have ..and you're only given one hour". I ask her for the stapler and she replies "this is ours and it has to stay here", I borrowed a pen and she replies "is this ours? hmph..." and throws it back into the jar of pens. I mean the front desk is right smack dab in front of the door way, i couldn't have stole the darned things even if i wanted to.

I can understand when a person doesn't feel sociable and doesn't laugh at jokes, I can understand that everyone has bad days, and I can understand when someone feels angered, sadness, fustrated or just plain grumpy. What I don't understand is why a person can't be kind. Does it hurt to be nice to people? Personally, being nice to others makes me feel better after a horrible day. It's like christmas and you get to see the recipient's reaction and joy. Being kind may have also made somebody's day alot more brighter. Overall, Kindess goes both ways, one from the giving and one from the recieving end, but more importantly it is a continuous cycle. So let's start the being nice and begin a new era of humanity. It may sound a little drastic but it sure does make life a little greener <3

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

::True Beauty?? Really??::

Okay, so there are plenty of reality shows out there especially ones about fashion. Lets pretend and use an example, lets theoretically call this show "true beauty", apparently made by this person called "Tyra Banks". The show was supposed to be misleading and allows contestants to enter based on their looks, but heres the catch ..*drum roll*...its like actually based on like true beauty *winks at blog readers* inner beauty based on doing everyday things that everyday people do like ...umm walk the dog, clean up poop, help seniors and support charities.

The winner of the show, lets pretend and call her "Julia Anderson" was considered to have both inner and outer beauty. This after stating that she dropped out of school at a young age but used to enter beauty pageants for scholorship money. my knowledge I always thought scholorship money was for educational purposes...i could be wrong......maybe....just maybe. Then this so called "Julia" revealed her deepest and darkest secret that apparently put her through depression for two years.....*drum roll* Public'd think she'd been through poverty or some other tragedy that other humans go through in life. She will enter a magazine considered as one of the most beautiful people in the world with a ten thousand dollar check to bank.

From a personal stand point true beautiful people are humble and would never enter this show to begin with. Secondly, there are plenty of people out there who deserve the title and the money, and thirdly...we need more educative shows out there..what a superficial world we live in, its a shame really, but hey "its like so totally hot so like i forgot what I was going to like say......."

Friday, February 13, 2009

::too this too that?::

The world can be a cruel place, and everyone on this earth is subject to judgement. Whether we choose to listen to it is one's personal choice. It is difficult though isn't it? One may say "i don't give a rat's tootie about it", yet it probably dwells in the mind subconsciously. It's something I like to call constructive criticism. If someone states that you are too short, too fat, too this or too that it is an enforcer to make me do better in life. Rather then backlash at a person, recognize your positive qualities and enhance them to maximum potential. Only through this may it be considered success. Those who criticize others most likely have a low self esteem and have nothing better to do with their time. So don't allow yourself to be a prisoner to judgement, though it may be easier said then done. However wallowing in self pity only furthers frustration and unhappiness, and who in this world wants to live like that? Improve on qualities that need to be improved, afterall they don't call it "constructive" without reason. It is to rebuild ourselves to become the best human possible, or so I believe. So, don't lose sight of yourself as a result of negative comments, it is your life, your mind, body, and soul. Who can critique it better then you?

Sunday, February 08, 2009

::Clink Clink Chomp & Cheers::

The best things in life is to enjoy what you love, and who in this world doesn't love eating? I realize there are about a billion different articles on excercise and what to eat and what not to eat. Unless you are competeting for world's best body competition, what's wrong with enjoying yourself? Some people will say they work out for a mixture of both health and appearance, but I could definately say that 98% of women work out to 'fit that summer bikini' despite what they tell you. I'm a true believer in moderation, and it is best to excercise and limit the amount of unhealthy foods to prevent serious problems such as obesity. This in turn may lead to other complications such as hypertension and diabetes. So yes, it is great to limit these foods, but it's best not to erradicate it completely from your diet. I see those who excercise and start sarcrifice good living to obtain a better body, for example eating plain salad, tomatoes and water for breakfast....Mmm sounds appealing doesn't it? Eating in moderation will prevent those from "yo yo dieting", binge eating on "cheat days", and it will increase metabolism. My take is that fruits and vegetables are meant to be eaten, but life is meant to be enjoyed. If something were to happen one day to limit you from eating good foods, you'll regret not having that peice of cake one last time. So, after the end of a long day treat yourself. Life is hard in itself, so we all deserve a little sweets now and then. Cheers ^^

I sure enjoyed myself during margarita night with the girls.We tried to be healthy with carrots and celery, but the large amount of spinich dip and pizza didn't help. Any hoo, it was all worth while because fun moments are hard to come by. Everyone deserves their moment of relaxation don't you agree? <3

Friday, February 06, 2009

::Worry Warts::

Practically everyone worries, including myself. Sometimes though, it is not always necessary because as humans we think the "what if's" and the worst of things when truly hoping for the best. Although it is a normal everyday reaction, the truth of the matter is what is it really going to do? Is it really going to help the situation? Why is it that we have the tendancy to assume things before they even happen? I am also guilty of these thoughts. Worrying endlessly and building up huge anticipation for what's about to happen, then I would either sigh in relief or, if the results are poor then I would further worry myself. That is the point, whats the use in worrying for when it happens you will have the time to worry later. The amount of time spent on worrying is ridiculous. In that amount of time so many events could've taken place, for example spending time with your children, your family, excercising, doing relaxation techniques or whatever it is that one enjoys doing. Those who constantly worry also create this negative aura which tends to repel people from getting close. To put things bluntly and simple, the idea is to follow the course of things without antipating the best or the worst. I learned that the only thing that can be done is to prepare yourself in all aspects and let the events happen naturally. In the finality of things, everything will be alright. <3

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

::Wonder Tunes::

::Wonder Girls::
To make it short and sweet it's a mixture of popish,
and upbeat funkadelic tunes. Great when you're bored
and great when you wanna dance! It's colorful and makes me feel like looking at the green side <3>

Monday, February 02, 2009

::Look on the BrightSid3::

::Outlook to Life::
There is no doubt about it, everyone has bad days, and again some more then others. Everyone has mood swings, one bad thing happens and it starts a chain of reactions. Think to yourself, is it REALLY that bad as it seems? Life's what you make of it, if you're a pessimistic person everything will appear negative. It's not however, implying that one should not have angry emotions. Being angry and being negative correlate but they're not the same. The form of negativity is an approach to how one percieves things, and being angry is a psychological human reaction. Being pessimistic does not always indicate being angry but it sure dampens the atmosphere to the people around you. One may not know they are these types of people, but there must or should be some indication from friends and families. The truth is, there is beauty in almost everything, so quit the babbling and start living life as of this minute. For example, I found the essence of my miniature room through sunlight. To me there is beauty in it and it is how I percieve things. Set goals and work hard at it, and once it's accomplished, give yourself the right to say "damn I am good", because you probably are if you can achieve it. If you like drawing, then draw, if you want to lose weight then excercise, if you want to travel then travel. Thinking easier said then done? Hell No Joe..or Jane , It may take time, hard work or money but those are weak reasons to restrain one from goal achieving. If they are legitimate reasons then those objectives were probably not as significant to begin with. Truth of the matter, no physical restraint keeps one from living life the best way possible. Go for the goal, live your passion, and quit the complaints. Pessimism and complainers stay still in this world's continuous momentum. Whereas positive humans flow with this spinning wonder world. Which one are you?

This was the residence i've dreaded for so long.
Yet, i've finally found it's splendour <3