Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Moving On...

So I am talking to a close friend, she tells me last night her boyfriend of five years has broken up with her. He tells her he loves her but has fallen out of love. Alright, I am definitely not one to talk about lovey dovey issues, but I've had my fair share of crappy excuses and break ups. Let's face it playing the dumper, especially the dumpee role sucks lemons. I never understood the concept of why people can't explain themselves. Every answer comes short formed such as "I'm sorry I just don't love you anymore". "I don't know", or "i'm sorry I don't know what else to tell you".

Surely people should know how or where or when things went wrong. If it was a combination of things then pray tell and give examples. Dumpers out there you should owe the dumpees THAT much at least, given the years of effort, tears, sweat, and energy. I guess that is how some relationships work, and personalities change along with emotions.

Being in love is great, and every loved one has engraved a piece of themselves within a relationship despite good and bad (hopefully more for good). However, many people have lost themselves in a relationship, we forget who we once were lacking in personal identity, so those of you who are in the midst of a break up, experiencing a fresh breakup, or have difficulty forgetting an old break up, revive your self independence and uplift your personal identity once again. I know it is easier said then done yet it's true and must be done.

Remember who you once were: Were you that independent self sufficient, stubborn yet loveable individual? Were you that selfish yet determined individual in which nothing could stop you from reaching your goals? Did you have a personal bucket list of goals you wanted to achieve? Were you one to always have Saturday parties with friends, and Sunday brunch with families? Main point is take what you learned and loved from the relationship and move on.

Moving on will take time but one way or another it will happen. This moment gives one a chance to take control of a situation and focus on one's self. Furthermore it may be a blessing into reaching great achievements without hindrance or to meet someone that is more suitable. So all you dumpee's out there keep your heads held high arch your back and keep on moving forward as some of the changes that occur may be more positive than you think!