Saturday, November 28, 2009

ilikeit...ilikeit alot

ilikeit: Brown Eyed Girls.
One of my favorite groups. Song: Abracadabra
Music makes the world go round!

Fruit That Smells Like Ass!

Okay people, today's topic....exotic fruit! You know what this is? Yes you *points to you*. This is called the DURIAN fruit! It's good, it smells good..and........jussst kidding y'all. It's the smelliest, ugliest, non appealing fruit you will ever see. Those who like a crunchy texture will not like this. The skin is thick and pointy and the insides are really sweet or bland. There are several seeds inside with a rubbery outside texture and mushy insides. The center of the meat has a large bitter seed.

If you really want to piss off your room mates or family, ensure that you buy this fruit. The smell is indescribable and distinct, I can't even state what it smells like. However, those with an acquired taste will like it. It's about 80 calories per seed, its sweet, exotic, i like it...and my western friends don't!

<----Check it out y'all!

When you cut it open
this is what it looks like.
i like what i see
& i eat what i like!
Peace Out!