Tuesday, October 25, 2011

You make me AngShuS!

Whats Up World! Hope You all are doing well and dandy. I want to start off today by talking about the "A" word. No...no not that one and no it doesn't end with "hole" smart ass. Now, I just want to say it's these "A" type of people that will eat and grind at every fiber of your being, and Yes its a natural human emotion and I won't lie if I said I've never been a victim to this word.

So That being said are YOU an anxious person?

With every thing that humanity has to experience and go through anxious people make things even worse. They will sigh with extreme distress, and are uptight about the most miniscule details that can be easily fixed. Anxiety will go so far as to extend its energy and affect their surroundings. Needless to say the least anxious people and anal-ness go hand in hand. Either way they are "A" types. When anal people don't get their way they get anxious, those who are anxious attempt to become anal to seek balance and control of their anxiety. It's like a never ending cycle and these people never realize who they affect or how this form of negative energy can dampen the atmosphere whether it be work or play.

So prior to freaking out ask yourself these questions:
Can it be fixed? If not are the consequences THAT severe? (if any at all). Do I have the opportunity to change it the second time? Have I learned anything from this? Is it the end of the world and zombies have become the living dead? Do I have a flesh eating disease?

If you've answered 'no' for either one of the last two questions YOU'LL BE FINE. So stop making a big stink out of the most ridiculous nonsense, take a deep breath, come to your senses, regain your strength and take a chill flippin pill y'all!

"revenge feels great but love feels even greater!" - quju


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Overworked and Underpaid....

Hi all!

Sorry been away for the longest time readers! Okay so here are all the things that have happened to me thus far, I graduated, I got a job, I had to support my significant other in job transitions, I got engaged, fought for my parent's blessings and now here I am.

I've been working and trying to save and save and thought long and hard how difficult it is to live without finances. Let's beat the sugar coating and get straight...you can't live good without money, but truth of the matter is you can work your bazookas off but it will never be enough. As humans we always want more and more, people want to work hard and play hard. Sometimes we become so preoccupied with ourselves we forget what it is like to rest, to reserve our energy, to relax, heal, and most of all.....to calm the fuck down (excuse my poor verbals). Fatigue and stress is our biggest enemy, it consumes you, it makes you older physically and mentally, and it weakens the soul to liberation and success in life.

The world is consistently moving at such a fast rate, everyone is in a rush to get married, to pay bills, to do chores, to be the wonder parent, etc etc and the list goes on. That's just it. The list will forever go on. If you have a job money will always flow and I am not insinuating on spending all that you have, but take a break from work if you can. Don't try to push that extra over time. Treat yourself to a massage, the spa, buy yourself a gift, allow friends to babysit and go on a date, and say to yourself I'm going to enjoy myself because I definitely deserve it! So take a break, look at what surrounds you and take a deep breath!