Saturday, January 31, 2009

::Freud "The Whole Is the Sum of It's Parts"::

::Reach Out::
Isn't it unbelievable how much complaints humans can generate in a lifetime? I find that we are very fortunate to have endless possibilities to happiness. For example, to enjoy food, to enjoy music, to enjoy the luxury of a bed, and if you're reading this the enjoyment of technology and internet. With that being said, there are plenty of others who don't have these opportunities, so if you have the resources to help, why not help others who need it? In all truthfullness we live with plenty more then what we need. The basics of life is food, shelter and water. Yes, it is nice to go shopping and splurge everyonce in awhile but do you really need 5 watches, 15 pairs of shoes? Children in Vietnam wear one pair of slippers for five years straight without a word of complaint. So, why should you really make that big fuss to the waitress if your egg is sunny side up when you wanted over easy? If you've been blessed with a life with many things to enjoy, then enjoy it. However, if after the mortgage, the taxes and the additional payments of whatever it is, and you are left with enough resources and the ability to help, than for goodness sakes for the love of mankind give a little, love a little and share a little. It may not be in the form of money, it could be to raise awareness, to educate, or to empower others. Humans often become one when facing adversity, but who wants to anicipate that? Realistically, it is human nature that we are all self absorbed thinking about what is best for ourselves, but one really needs to think when is the last time i have done a good deed? has someone ever done something kind for me? Have i done the same in return? Life is a cycle, we are all connected and as humans we all experience emotions and stressors, some more then others but in the end we're all a single unit that creates the earth's identity. Make the world a better place, stop your complaining and reach out, because someone who is in need will grab hold of it.

Friday, January 30, 2009

::Woman's Best Friend::

::20 years plus?::
Dogs are great but for me these guys are just as wonderful. They are a breed called cichlids, specifically blood parrots. Sounds evil doesn't it? but they sure are cute as hell. My 100 gallon aquarium consists of six of these guys, among other breeds. They sure aren't any regular type fishes, like your typical starter fish like guppy, beta or gold fish. They come at fifty bucks for a small guy and $70-100 for an extra large guy. They grow extremely large and will gather to follow you when they're hungry. You would not get pellets that sink, rather they come up to the top of the surface to reach for food. If you want them to be a nice color i suggest shrimp, or blood worms, and every so often pellets. People think "fish", whats so great about them? The difference between this and a domestic animal is that they're in water, and you couldn't cuddle with them, but they're smart as hell and look great in the home. You might often see asians with high maintenance arowana fish (aka dragon fish) with cichlids because they appear compatible . I don't mean dating, but rather get along within the tank if you will. Fish that are incompatible will get territorial and they will fight, to a point of killing the other. Hence if your fish dies if not from illness or improper care, it's because they're injured from other fish. In addition they can live for twenty years plus with appropriate care, attention and nutrition.

::sickness: fact or fiction?::
One thing that needs to be clarified, FISH GET SICK TOO! Yes they get stressed and Yes they get diseases like any other animal. You see the little guy on the rock behind the pictures? HE'S UPSIDE DOWN! He's got swim bladders disease, meaning the bladder in the center of the body that controls his bouyancy is permanantly infected. They will never recover, but all i can say that he's still kickin! He will swim upright when he needs to eat, but as for resting..well you can see for yourself. They also get a variety of parasites which requires medication such as metronidazole or tetracyclines. Medications in which humans take for Gastrointestinal ulcers and h.pylori infections. As you an see in the pictures, they appear as though they're posing because they flock to me like birds flock to bread in central park. Instead of diamonds, dogs or shoes, (laugh if you will because i couldn't give two cents), but these guys to me are a woman's best friend. <3

Thursday, January 29, 2009

::Feeding the Mind::

Power is knowledge and knowledge is power. Being in my mid 20's I often wonder if it is ever too late for me to be in school. Life's challenges and the inability to realize my true potential resulted in years of countless schooling, and drained time and money. It was another obstacle life forces you to endure, but did i endure it?..i sure as hell did. I was not one of those 18 year old's who knew exactly what i wanted, where i wanted and how i wanted it. Everything was ambiguous but in all due's time things surely went my way, patience, dedication and hard work was the key. These obstacles of mine made my pride a little more stronger, my soul a little more unyielding, my attitude a little more aggressive, and my focus more insightful than the regular human. It created this steel pride of mine i like to call the superwoman mentality.. because i believe i can achieve any objectives my mind has set on. i am currently in the midst of reaching that nursing degree, and hopefully will set further goals when i reach that stage. For those who want to go back to school but is unsure, become the nike and just do it. Just think:: the years you spent contemplating could've ended with a bachelors of your choice in this given time. Age is insignificant, because "compared to the planets that are billions of years old, humans are within the same age wavelength" my sweet seoul. It's never too late to return to school because within those 20-40 years of enjoyment you can at least take 4 years off to reach your passion. Education is important but loving what you're learning is even more important. Live how you want to live and be where you want to be, it is again the greener side to things <3

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

::Ranking Shmanking::

::Blogger Dreams::

I just recently joined into blog catalog. It's a great site, lets you view other millions and billions of blogs, allows you to see people's views and thoughts on things. They even have ranks, which of course everyone is probably curious about. However that being said, lets not lose sight of why people have written web logs in the first place. Obviously to share your perception on things in order to start a debate, to help others or whatever the reason is I am sure ranking was not part of it. Don't get too caught up with your rank number, it doesn't mean that it was horrible blog. It may be because you did not make the blog more accessible to others through tags, joining communities, discussions and friends. I enjoy writing blogs for the enjoyment of it being read. So currently I am ranked 35/100, and if this was a blog runned society I'd probably be thrown in jail. The green side is that it's not, so like.... who cares! As long as you're happy i'm happy so share the joy!
Peace <3

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


::Mmmm De'lish::
There is not a woman in this world that I know who doesn't love cake. Maybe its hormones maybe its the look, maybe its the sweetness or plainly we just like to eat. Cakes are my all time favorite things to eat in this world among other things. When you're having a bad day, go out have a coffee and a peice of cake. It maybe a bit high in calories but you can afford to eat it if you work out the next day. Excercising definately makes me feel good, but desserts also makes me feel just as great. Have that peice of cake if you feel like it, do whatever makes you feel good. Hey everything in moderation right? If you're excercising plenty, working hard plenty, studying plenty, or doing anything "plenty", enjoy yourself once an ahwhile. Thats what living the good life is! Eating good foods, enjoying good company and overall feeling great! Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too?

My Razzleberry Cheesecake!
It's ultra GooOoOood!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

::Kill the Negetivergy::

::Pet Peeves::
I absolutely hate negative energy! Hate is a very strong word to use and should be rarely mentioned but in this context, it is understandable. Everyone defines negative energy differently, however for me it is when you feel the downward pull of your optimism as a result of one's negative behaviour. It is incredibly crazy how people think they are able to foresee the future prior to its happenings. For example. "I won't be able to help her because I know I'm going to fail". How far in life would this attitude get you? I once heard someone say, why worry now, if something bad were to happen you have plenty of time to worry about it then. So with that in mind, try to deal with some anxiety and be positive. If you're going to be negative at least have the courtesy to do it alone. Yell, kick, scream or punch the pillow but try not to let others be the bearer to your bad news. Studies have shown that if you think positively, you have a higher chance of success in whatever you do. So think positive, give yourself credit when its due, and compliment yourself every once in awhile, after all if you don't think positively for yourself then who will?

Friday, January 23, 2009

::Scarfs & Mittons::

::Mitts & Touques::

To all of you who say that its abnormally cold in Canada're IS SO COLD HERE. However, those of
you think that main inhabitants are eskimos and that
all people do here is hibernate you are absolutely wrong.
Canada is a beautiful country surrounded by pure nature,
vast lands and mountains. There are so many winter activities
here it is almost unimaginable. Many Canadians enjoy skiing,
snowboarding, ski dooing, ice skating, and it gives a whole new
meaning to a "white christmas". Hot chocolate is another bonus
to having a little bit of chill. After all who wants to drink hot
cocoa when its plus 30 out? (in degrees that is)...yes i'm Canadian.
You also get winter fashion...if you get so cold you can keep
bundling up, if it gets extremely hot out what else could you
take off?? Another side is, somtimes you learn to appreciate
summer so much more because it's nice for a change, and yes
for those of you who don't know, it is not winter 365 days a year
here. If you did think that, sorry to break your retarded bubble.
Plus, whats the difference in saying "eh" ? It's pretty equivelent to
"huh", or...AI YA!!! If you hear that, some chinese man just fell
or he's mad about how cold it is here. Overall, all seasons have it's
positive and negative points, so dont hate and discriminate go
out and enjoy life. Don't let the winter blues get you down <3

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

::i love the java & the java loves me::

::java lovin::
Coffee lounges are one of the best things in life. It has a calm relaxing ambience about it. You can bring a book or a laptop (maybe even blog)(^.^) while enjoying a nice cappuccinno. CoCo Joes has a variety of treats from tiramisu, muffins, and danishes along with arabica green coffee beans from Okanagan Valley. This wouldn't particularly be my initial pick, but I would come agian. For me, coffee lounges are definately a greener side to life <3

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

::Breath Easy::

::Breath & Balance::

I am absolutely obsessed in living a life of balance. Although it is not always easy it is a concept I live by. When one says "everything in moderation" that goes for everything in life. From foods, to health, and the way you live. To indulge sometimes is okay, but to do it often is uncessary. For example, eating foods is good, but to over eat when you are full is more then what your body needs. To excercise is great, but to excercise without allowing your body to rest and recover will cause injury. Physiologically, rest and decreasing stress is healthy. However, sometimes you need that extra burst of cortisol as an energy booster, and to heighten our memory functioning. Like yin and yang, you cannot run one without the other. Sometimes, life's happenings are out of our control, but consider what you can do to change to the situation and what will make you most happy. Just doing yoga itself does not mean you are balanced, it is a method to help find balance in one's life. Everyone defines balance differently, but the reality is ::happiness is the key:: try to live the best life you can and find your sense of balance::

Monday, January 19, 2009

::Crash & Relax::

:: ZzZZzz (^.^)::

As much as i love to stay up late and wake up early i love to sleep just as much:: Studies have proven that sleep deprived individuals will have reduced productivity and a tendency for gaining weight. Although your body appears to be shutting down during REM (rapid eye movement), your body is still metabolizing and burning energy. During this time, it is healing our body's mentally and physically. So get in that couple hours of shut eye if your schedule allows it. Just crash and relax::Another green side to life i love <3

Sunday, January 18, 2009

::Feel Good Things::

First time blogger, but I have been urging to do so for quite some time now. I'm sure there are numerous topics to blog about such as pollution, world health, politics etc, but I decided to blog about feel good, possibly unnecessary, possibly materialistic things. Why not? Life is hard in itself, so why not find the green side of things?

Some ::feel good things:: for me lately are things i've been taking for granted. I find the morning times absolutely invigorating. The sunrise is beautiful and never noticed it because I like to sleep in.(>.<) The next best thing is coffee, the aroma, the taste and the warmth of it. Pretty much anything with caffeine is great!

:::Some recent favorable tunes are:::

jazzamor, one of the best cafe lounge type music.
The sounds are unique with a relaxing/upbeat sound to it.

::One of my All Time Favorites::
Humming Urban Stereo is one of the best albums i've heard in a long time.
It has the cafe lounge feel to it, but it sure does make me feel good to be alive! "Banana Shake" is definately a :: i have to listen to it at least once:: type song (^.^) These are my green side of things for this week. They might be repetitive in my blog but then again it's what makes me happy. Whats your green side of things?

::Feel Good Things::

This is the first time I have ever written a blog:: Surely there are more
important things to talk about such as politics, pollution, human nature etc etc
But I decided to make this blog about anything that makes me feel good.
Life is hard in itself, so why not enjoy while you still can?

These are my recent thoughts lately, and hopefully it will continue to do so. The morning coffee, the sunlight, and the feeling of living independantly feels absolutely incredible. Even the difficulty of writing an ethics paper makes me feel joy. I was always indifferent to these things but I never realized that I have learned so much from researching journals for a paper. It was always just "homework". Guess it would have helped feeling that in high school but time allows you to think. Some current feel good music for me have also enhanced this positive mood.