Monday, February 07, 2011

Are YOU a Vacuum?

Now we all know and tell ourselves not to be open to negative energy etc etc. We all should live by this rule but truth of the matter: not everyone gets along with everyone. Whether it be a co worker, student colleague, or team mate. It also becomes extremely difficult when negativity comes from those that you need assistance from, things such as a referral, a reference, or a good grade.

There are those who want you to succeed, there are those who willingly help depending on good performance, but there are those who feed off negativity and make your life miserable because they know you need them. They grill you with questions you have no answers to, they laugh at you when they feel you 'should' know something but you don't, you try hard but receive no positive feedback, and rather than help they enjoy pulling you into a downwards spiral.

These people are what I like to call the Vacuum.
one tracked direction, ugly, full of dirt, and sucks you in.

It is easy to become discouraged by people of this nature, but think of it as the biggest challenge and accomplishment in your life. If these people like to play than play back harder. You don't know the answers go look it up, if you 'should' have known but didn't than you learn, if you make a mistake understand it and don't do it again, and most of all give yourself credit and a pat on the back.

You've lived something odd years thus far without 'Vacuum's' feedback and surely you don't require it to move on in life. Do what is necessary, be open to constructive feedback, and maintain positive no matter what, because once you are done with the vacuum brush off the dirt and throw it in the closet!