Monday, September 09, 2013

Pushing Through

This is probably the one most single phrase that seems so easy yet so difficult to do. Life throws so many obstacles in our way that the climb to the top appears endless. Whether it be work, home dilemmas, or life in general. Everyone has varying degrees of challenges but I guess Nike had the right idea when they said “just do it”. This absolutely stands for everything. The only time that is safe to be at a temporary standstill is when you need a break or when things get overwhelming, but nonetheless self awareness is crucial. Realizing that the experience is a phase and once you’ve given yourself time.. It’s time to ‘push through’. Easier said than done right? Don’t get me wrong, the length of time it takes to heal, to realize, and to accept is different for everyone. However, once you’ve reached self awareness you might be ready, but you might feel uncertain..That’s where you have to give yourself that extra ‘push’ through. Like child stuck half way on water slide: with a little assistance you’ll soar past difficult times.

Being stuck in a phase well over a long period of time may cause one to internalize these emotions and channel them into negative ones. Finding reason and motivation helps the process with more ease. Let’s use a simple example of exercise. Almost 90-95% of people make new years resolutions to workout, get fit, and lose weight. Almost half never follow through as we hear the usual ‘I’m too busy’, ‘I have to work’, and ‘I’m too tired’. There are indefinitely individuals at the gym that would rather be spending their time doing other things but they love the aftermath of rushing happy endorphins post workout. These are their reasons and their motivations for exercise. Some individuals have goals to exercise contemplate on going to the gym but substitute eating during that hour that could be spent on being active, hence channeling the energy into something else. 

One personal example for me would be times when I just don’t want to go to work. It’s undeniable that almost everyone on this planet feels this way at one point in their lives. If you do feel this way it is important to distinguish whether these feelings stem from laziness or complete fatigue. The balance between having a rest is necessary. However, laziness is unacceptable and that is where your mantra should come into play: ‘I need to push through this and get it done’. Think about your goals, think about what and whom you’re doing the deed for and before you realize the day is done. 

This is an extremely powerful word which helps accomplish what is sought to be done. The end result is self independence and feeling proud. Obstacles and phases in life are inevitable but developing self understanding, self awareness and finding motivation will aid with the ‘pushing through’ process.  I highly recommend everyone to silently chant these words in your mind in hopes that it will ease your journey, push you through lazy times, and overcome difficult mounds. Cheers!

Written By: Julie Quan. Copyright © 2013 · All Rights Reserved

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I’m Like this Because of You!

So many characteristics in this world: strong forward individuals, upfront, uptight, anxious, kind, positive, and the list goes on.  One will never really know another person’s experiences and what they’ve been through to shape their being, unless you will have ‘walked in their shoes’ (so people say). This is impossible as everyone’s experiences are different regardless of how similar they may be.

            One of the biggest life’s lessons I’ve learned is that outcomes can turn to many different paths in your life based on personal reaction. How you react to a situation impacts the outcome on all scales of life. Take for example working in a medical industry. I have been working in the medical field for about 10 years and along the way I have met numerous amounts of people, patients, families, residents, nurses, and so on. There are so many different individuals and characteristics sometimes one is bound to have difficulty getting along with at least one person you’ve met. I had a colleague once responded by eye rolling and slamming her papers after I had politely asked for help with a patient. Although my mind was going insane feeling like I wanted to wrestle her WWF, I decided to confront her in a calm manner and professionally talk about the situation. She then replied apologetically and admitted that she had not realized her actions. I currently still work with this individual and the situation never occurred again. (not with me to say the least). 

 Just talking professionally may not work for everyone, some may become confrontational and so on, but the importance lies on how to pick and choose your battles and how to react better to a situation no matter how angry and frustrated you are.

Personal experiences, how we are taught and what we choose to internalize throughout the years mould humans. What you feel and what you know is completely subjective. What you deem as friendly may not be the same for another. Ill feelings towards another because of what they say or do may cause a chain reaction from the way you react.

 The individual may have developed certain behaviors based on experiences they’ve had over the years, maybe they are defensive or have trust issues for a reason. Regardless, being friends with someone may not be necessary but finding balance and being cordial is possible. Thus, re-evaluate a situation, think things through, and then react. This will make for a more peaceful process in life with work, marriage, family, and friendships. Good Luck!

Written by: Julie Quan. Copyright © 2013 · All Rights Reserved
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