Saturday, November 12, 2011

Not Worth It

Y'ello People!

Ever get angry and raised on the defense at what people say? Jumping to conclusions, making assumptions, and fuming at comments that a loved one has made? I gotta say its just not worth it. I know for a fact there isn't one person out there that has not been upset at comments made from a parent or from a significant other. Let's face it, parents are opinionated, heck EVERYONE is opinionated in ways more so than others. The idea is control, otherwise the anger will consume you and you start rising to the defense "well if i ...this and that"..."well if you..this and that". It leads to blame, it leads to awkwardness, and useless arguments. Just think is it really worth it? Instead try talking about it and if that doesn't work then divert your energy elsewhere. Talk to friends, family, kick that shit out of a punching bag whatever works. It's not worth to argue and fight over nonsense because once you've got it under control and you let it pass things will go back to normal. You will have cooled down by that time and hopefully it will lead to better conversations!

cheers! <3