Saturday, July 02, 2011

Been Awhile Crocodiles

Hi All!

Life you know how it is busy busy busy so I apologize for not writing a post for some time now! Anyways I'm out of the Mac and ready to attack thank you for all your support to my few readers and for future readers sorry for not being able to get back to you! Any hoo I'm still here and this blog is still alive.........hopefully =)

Also, I am taking part of a fundraising event for children with disabilities and special needs. I know we are all a little tight on our budget now a days which I fully understand but if we can all get together and help pitch in a penny or two or more lets help these children have a better advantage. To be able to receive things we wanted in our childhood so I hope you all can help me out and sponsor me in this event whereby I will be rappelling i think 29 stories for these children!

The link is

If you sponsored me thank you!
if you considered it thank you!
if you read this post thank you!
Lets make the world a better place, peace, love, and wishing you all happy days!