Thursday, December 29, 2011

No You DI' int.

So you have been working hard at your goals, you feel good, you look good, you've been exercising hardcore, you dress up go to a party and nobody gives you the double take. nobody compliments you, in fact you receive a 'oh you look fat in that dress'...ohhhh say WHAT? hell no that didn't just happen right? Bam! you suddenly feel miserable, start eating like a food junkie, and you give up on your goals thinking that nothing will change anyways so you might as well continue the way things were.

So what happened in this story folks? As humans we ALL like compliments we ALL appreciate them despite feeling shy or humble it still makes one feel good internally. It's humanistic nature. However, the problem with society is that WE ARE ALL EXPECTING TO MUCH. Say to yourself if you LOOK good, you FEEL good, then so be it. no compliment from no man or woman should have to make you feel great about yourself.

So say for example you're working out and you've lost five pounds. Five pounds of weight loss equals those five self compliments that you've earned! Screw the empty compliments and keep on forward with your weight lost goals. Fact of the matter is, who knows if you're at some club by the end of the night some joe shmoe gives you his number and tells you that you look great could be just be a fat lie to 'get that little something extra'.

Instead save yourself the trouble and start complimenting yourself. Look how far you've fought to get where you are, to achieve what was unachievable to begin with. Be proud of yourself, how you look, how you feel, and what you've accomplished in life. Be your own self motivational speaker because in the end feeling bad or good depends on you.