Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Got My Eye on You

Waiting to cross
Over sized Yellow raincoat
Big rubber boots

Bright Lights Glare
Almost blinding. foggy
Flickering Mist from the rain

dripping cold.

Soaked from droplets
and splashes from side passing cars
Pedestrian Lights switches on behind dark solid grid lines
Looking both ways, cold...wet...shivering.

Final step to end of the gray mildly cracked pavement
stop light flashes, a car begins to pass
A glance. A smile

Waiting to cross
In big rubber boots.

Glimmer of sunlight
drips of remaining rain
Warmth. A breath. A smile.

Always smile people as you never know who is watching
You just may have caught someones attention as your smile just made you 100% more attractive!

*cheers to all you lovely people*