Sunday, January 25, 2009

::Kill the Negetivergy::

::Pet Peeves::
I absolutely hate negative energy! Hate is a very strong word to use and should be rarely mentioned but in this context, it is understandable. Everyone defines negative energy differently, however for me it is when you feel the downward pull of your optimism as a result of one's negative behaviour. It is incredibly crazy how people think they are able to foresee the future prior to its happenings. For example. "I won't be able to help her because I know I'm going to fail". How far in life would this attitude get you? I once heard someone say, why worry now, if something bad were to happen you have plenty of time to worry about it then. So with that in mind, try to deal with some anxiety and be positive. If you're going to be negative at least have the courtesy to do it alone. Yell, kick, scream or punch the pillow but try not to let others be the bearer to your bad news. Studies have shown that if you think positively, you have a higher chance of success in whatever you do. So think positive, give yourself credit when its due, and compliment yourself every once in awhile, after all if you don't think positively for yourself then who will?