Thursday, January 29, 2009

::Feeding the Mind::

Power is knowledge and knowledge is power. Being in my mid 20's I often wonder if it is ever too late for me to be in school. Life's challenges and the inability to realize my true potential resulted in years of countless schooling, and drained time and money. It was another obstacle life forces you to endure, but did i endure it?..i sure as hell did. I was not one of those 18 year old's who knew exactly what i wanted, where i wanted and how i wanted it. Everything was ambiguous but in all due's time things surely went my way, patience, dedication and hard work was the key. These obstacles of mine made my pride a little more stronger, my soul a little more unyielding, my attitude a little more aggressive, and my focus more insightful than the regular human. It created this steel pride of mine i like to call the superwoman mentality.. because i believe i can achieve any objectives my mind has set on. i am currently in the midst of reaching that nursing degree, and hopefully will set further goals when i reach that stage. For those who want to go back to school but is unsure, become the nike and just do it. Just think:: the years you spent contemplating could've ended with a bachelors of your choice in this given time. Age is insignificant, because "compared to the planets that are billions of years old, humans are within the same age wavelength" my sweet seoul. It's never too late to return to school because within those 20-40 years of enjoyment you can at least take 4 years off to reach your passion. Education is important but loving what you're learning is even more important. Live how you want to live and be where you want to be, it is again the greener side to things <3