Tuesday, January 20, 2009

::Breath Easy::

::Breath & Balance::

I am absolutely obsessed in living a life of balance. Although it is not always easy it is a concept I live by. When one says "everything in moderation" that goes for everything in life. From foods, to health, and the way you live. To indulge sometimes is okay, but to do it often is uncessary. For example, eating foods is good, but to over eat when you are full is more then what your body needs. To excercise is great, but to excercise without allowing your body to rest and recover will cause injury. Physiologically, rest and decreasing stress is healthy. However, sometimes you need that extra burst of cortisol as an energy booster, and to heighten our memory functioning. Like yin and yang, you cannot run one without the other. Sometimes, life's happenings are out of our control, but consider what you can do to change to the situation and what will make you most happy. Just doing yoga itself does not mean you are balanced, it is a method to help find balance in one's life. Everyone defines balance differently, but the reality is ::happiness is the key:: try to live the best life you can and find your sense of balance::