Friday, January 23, 2009

::Scarfs & Mittons::

::Mitts & Touques::

To all of you who say that its abnormally cold in Canada're IS SO COLD HERE. However, those of
you think that main inhabitants are eskimos and that
all people do here is hibernate you are absolutely wrong.
Canada is a beautiful country surrounded by pure nature,
vast lands and mountains. There are so many winter activities
here it is almost unimaginable. Many Canadians enjoy skiing,
snowboarding, ski dooing, ice skating, and it gives a whole new
meaning to a "white christmas". Hot chocolate is another bonus
to having a little bit of chill. After all who wants to drink hot
cocoa when its plus 30 out? (in degrees that is)...yes i'm Canadian.
You also get winter fashion...if you get so cold you can keep
bundling up, if it gets extremely hot out what else could you
take off?? Another side is, somtimes you learn to appreciate
summer so much more because it's nice for a change, and yes
for those of you who don't know, it is not winter 365 days a year
here. If you did think that, sorry to break your retarded bubble.
Plus, whats the difference in saying "eh" ? It's pretty equivelent to
"huh", or...AI YA!!! If you hear that, some chinese man just fell
or he's mad about how cold it is here. Overall, all seasons have it's
positive and negative points, so dont hate and discriminate go
out and enjoy life. Don't let the winter blues get you down <3