Wednesday, January 28, 2009

::Ranking Shmanking::

::Blogger Dreams::

I just recently joined into blog catalog. It's a great site, lets you view other millions and billions of blogs, allows you to see people's views and thoughts on things. They even have ranks, which of course everyone is probably curious about. However that being said, lets not lose sight of why people have written web logs in the first place. Obviously to share your perception on things in order to start a debate, to help others or whatever the reason is I am sure ranking was not part of it. Don't get too caught up with your rank number, it doesn't mean that it was horrible blog. It may be because you did not make the blog more accessible to others through tags, joining communities, discussions and friends. I enjoy writing blogs for the enjoyment of it being read. So currently I am ranked 35/100, and if this was a blog runned society I'd probably be thrown in jail. The green side is that it's not, so like.... who cares! As long as you're happy i'm happy so share the joy!
Peace <3