Sunday, February 08, 2009

::Clink Clink Chomp & Cheers::

The best things in life is to enjoy what you love, and who in this world doesn't love eating? I realize there are about a billion different articles on excercise and what to eat and what not to eat. Unless you are competeting for world's best body competition, what's wrong with enjoying yourself? Some people will say they work out for a mixture of both health and appearance, but I could definately say that 98% of women work out to 'fit that summer bikini' despite what they tell you. I'm a true believer in moderation, and it is best to excercise and limit the amount of unhealthy foods to prevent serious problems such as obesity. This in turn may lead to other complications such as hypertension and diabetes. So yes, it is great to limit these foods, but it's best not to erradicate it completely from your diet. I see those who excercise and start sarcrifice good living to obtain a better body, for example eating plain salad, tomatoes and water for breakfast....Mmm sounds appealing doesn't it? Eating in moderation will prevent those from "yo yo dieting", binge eating on "cheat days", and it will increase metabolism. My take is that fruits and vegetables are meant to be eaten, but life is meant to be enjoyed. If something were to happen one day to limit you from eating good foods, you'll regret not having that peice of cake one last time. So, after the end of a long day treat yourself. Life is hard in itself, so we all deserve a little sweets now and then. Cheers ^^

I sure enjoyed myself during margarita night with the girls.We tried to be healthy with carrots and celery, but the large amount of spinich dip and pizza didn't help. Any hoo, it was all worth while because fun moments are hard to come by. Everyone deserves their moment of relaxation don't you agree? <3