Thursday, February 26, 2009

::didn't know it hurt::

I never really understood why people can't be nice to eachother. For example, the other day i was in the library and needed to use the computer, the lady refused to extend my time limit after one hour of usage. There were tons of available computers and hardly any people in the library. So i tell her the gentleman who works there often extends my limit, and she replies "well i dont know why he did that, he shouldn't have ..and you're only given one hour". I ask her for the stapler and she replies "this is ours and it has to stay here", I borrowed a pen and she replies "is this ours? hmph..." and throws it back into the jar of pens. I mean the front desk is right smack dab in front of the door way, i couldn't have stole the darned things even if i wanted to.

I can understand when a person doesn't feel sociable and doesn't laugh at jokes, I can understand that everyone has bad days, and I can understand when someone feels angered, sadness, fustrated or just plain grumpy. What I don't understand is why a person can't be kind. Does it hurt to be nice to people? Personally, being nice to others makes me feel better after a horrible day. It's like christmas and you get to see the recipient's reaction and joy. Being kind may have also made somebody's day alot more brighter. Overall, Kindess goes both ways, one from the giving and one from the recieving end, but more importantly it is a continuous cycle. So let's start the being nice and begin a new era of humanity. It may sound a little drastic but it sure does make life a little greener <3