Friday, February 06, 2009

::Worry Warts::

Practically everyone worries, including myself. Sometimes though, it is not always necessary because as humans we think the "what if's" and the worst of things when truly hoping for the best. Although it is a normal everyday reaction, the truth of the matter is what is it really going to do? Is it really going to help the situation? Why is it that we have the tendancy to assume things before they even happen? I am also guilty of these thoughts. Worrying endlessly and building up huge anticipation for what's about to happen, then I would either sigh in relief or, if the results are poor then I would further worry myself. That is the point, whats the use in worrying for when it happens you will have the time to worry later. The amount of time spent on worrying is ridiculous. In that amount of time so many events could've taken place, for example spending time with your children, your family, excercising, doing relaxation techniques or whatever it is that one enjoys doing. Those who constantly worry also create this negative aura which tends to repel people from getting close. To put things bluntly and simple, the idea is to follow the course of things without antipating the best or the worst. I learned that the only thing that can be done is to prepare yourself in all aspects and let the events happen naturally. In the finality of things, everything will be alright. <3