Tuesday, February 24, 2009

::True Beauty?? Really??::

Okay, so there are plenty of reality shows out there especially ones about fashion. Lets pretend and use an example, lets theoretically call this show "true beauty", apparently made by this person called "Tyra Banks". The show was supposed to be misleading and allows contestants to enter based on their looks, but heres the catch ..*drum roll*...its like actually based on like true beauty *winks at blog readers* inner beauty based on doing everyday things that everyday people do like ...umm walk the dog, clean up poop, help seniors and support charities.

The winner of the show, lets pretend and call her "Julia Anderson" was considered to have both inner and outer beauty. This after stating that she dropped out of school at a young age but used to enter beauty pageants for scholorship money. Um...to my knowledge I always thought scholorship money was for educational purposes...i could be wrong......maybe....just maybe. Then this so called "Julia" revealed her deepest and darkest secret that apparently put her through depression for two years.....*drum roll* Public Intoxication..wooow...you'd think she'd been through poverty or some other tragedy that other humans go through in life. She will enter a magazine considered as one of the most beautiful people in the world with a ten thousand dollar check to bank.

From a personal stand point true beautiful people are humble and would never enter this show to begin with. Secondly, there are plenty of people out there who deserve the title and the money, and thirdly...we need more educative shows out there..what a superficial world we live in, its a shame really, but hey "its like so totally hot so like...so like i forgot what I was going to like say......."