Monday, February 02, 2009

::Look on the BrightSid3::

::Outlook to Life::
There is no doubt about it, everyone has bad days, and again some more then others. Everyone has mood swings, one bad thing happens and it starts a chain of reactions. Think to yourself, is it REALLY that bad as it seems? Life's what you make of it, if you're a pessimistic person everything will appear negative. It's not however, implying that one should not have angry emotions. Being angry and being negative correlate but they're not the same. The form of negativity is an approach to how one percieves things, and being angry is a psychological human reaction. Being pessimistic does not always indicate being angry but it sure dampens the atmosphere to the people around you. One may not know they are these types of people, but there must or should be some indication from friends and families. The truth is, there is beauty in almost everything, so quit the babbling and start living life as of this minute. For example, I found the essence of my miniature room through sunlight. To me there is beauty in it and it is how I percieve things. Set goals and work hard at it, and once it's accomplished, give yourself the right to say "damn I am good", because you probably are if you can achieve it. If you like drawing, then draw, if you want to lose weight then excercise, if you want to travel then travel. Thinking easier said then done? Hell No Joe..or Jane , It may take time, hard work or money but those are weak reasons to restrain one from goal achieving. If they are legitimate reasons then those objectives were probably not as significant to begin with. Truth of the matter, no physical restraint keeps one from living life the best way possible. Go for the goal, live your passion, and quit the complaints. Pessimism and complainers stay still in this world's continuous momentum. Whereas positive humans flow with this spinning wonder world. Which one are you?

This was the residence i've dreaded for so long.
Yet, i've finally found it's splendour <3