Wednesday, January 30, 2013

the bitch

Okay, so I work in a profession with a plethora of strong personalities. Despite what I thought I knew about people, I'm continuously learning everyday in how to socialize with these people (because I have to) and how to conform in certain situations. I'm generally an optimistic person but I am human nonetheless. Now i know many of you can relate when it comes to that 'specific' individual who for some reason has this "I am the best and bow down to me" complex. If you don't know one, then you might be one. In my reasoning I'd like to categorize them partially as bullies. This complex is a 'front' to hide poor self confidence and feelings of inferiority. Oh these poor fragile individuals.

     Let's face it, trying to be civil absolutely sucks when attempting to reason with 'complex' type people. Trying to be 'professional' about things, when in reality you just want to knock their teeth out. Reasoning or confronting is useless because it's probably a long developed trait that is not easily altered. People don't change, you change. The last thing is to be angry and end a conversation or situation poorly because ultimately you'll either end up feeling foolish or more frustrated. Just move on people, be angry, dislike them, but move on. It's so cliche but its not worth the effort, time, brain space, or energy to focus on ridiculous people. If confrontation is what makes you feel better then go for it! to each their own. Anyway this is my daily rant....I hate stupid stuck up people.