Monday, September 09, 2013

I’m Like this Because of You!

So many characteristics in this world: strong forward individuals, upfront, uptight, anxious, kind, positive, and the list goes on.  One will never really know another person’s experiences and what they’ve been through to shape their being, unless you will have ‘walked in their shoes’ (so people say). This is impossible as everyone’s experiences are different regardless of how similar they may be.

            One of the biggest life’s lessons I’ve learned is that outcomes can turn to many different paths in your life based on personal reaction. How you react to a situation impacts the outcome on all scales of life. Take for example working in a medical industry. I have been working in the medical field for about 10 years and along the way I have met numerous amounts of people, patients, families, residents, nurses, and so on. There are so many different individuals and characteristics sometimes one is bound to have difficulty getting along with at least one person you’ve met. I had a colleague once responded by eye rolling and slamming her papers after I had politely asked for help with a patient. Although my mind was going insane feeling like I wanted to wrestle her WWF, I decided to confront her in a calm manner and professionally talk about the situation. She then replied apologetically and admitted that she had not realized her actions. I currently still work with this individual and the situation never occurred again. (not with me to say the least). 

 Just talking professionally may not work for everyone, some may become confrontational and so on, but the importance lies on how to pick and choose your battles and how to react better to a situation no matter how angry and frustrated you are.

Personal experiences, how we are taught and what we choose to internalize throughout the years mould humans. What you feel and what you know is completely subjective. What you deem as friendly may not be the same for another. Ill feelings towards another because of what they say or do may cause a chain reaction from the way you react.

 The individual may have developed certain behaviors based on experiences they’ve had over the years, maybe they are defensive or have trust issues for a reason. Regardless, being friends with someone may not be necessary but finding balance and being cordial is possible. Thus, re-evaluate a situation, think things through, and then react. This will make for a more peaceful process in life with work, marriage, family, and friendships. Good Luck!

Written by: Julie Quan. Copyright © 2013 · All Rights Reserved
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