Sunday, November 04, 2012

My Turn to Talk

     Believe it or not you are one of the most powerful  individuals on this earth, you don't have to be a large figure head to make people listen, agree, or spread news of what you say. Everyone has leadership potential but it is the credibility you build that allows others to believe you more. If you're one to 'cry wolf' each and every time chances are people won't listen. One aspect to being a leader is to speak up.

     Whether it is the work place or home life, if you have a chance to take a leadership role why not go for it. Everyone seems to be afraid to be out spoken, afraid of responsibility, afraid of consequences..even I have self doubts but we are all entitled to speak how we feel. There are reasons why we say the things we do and if it is to improve or to benefit 'the whole' then why not? Speak your mind and take on leadership. Of course you can be timid, follow and conform to the crowd and never speak up in the work place. This may be unhealthy as you may brew in anger from the inside which may slowly lead to burn out, or you can speak your mind (with hopes they are with a good approach) without remorse, and release any frustrations or share any great ideas you may have. I won't lie sometimes it's hard to make people listen, but eventually they do.

     People listen more then you think, people repeat your ideas and statements to others when you're not around. How do I know this? because my ideas and what I've stated to others have ran through the cycle of gossip and has been repeated back to me. So, if you've always wanted to speak up here's your chance, don't wait till tomorrow because you are a powerful individual, what you say will have an effect on others. Here's your moment to shine! be a leader and speak your mind!