Thursday, November 15, 2012

Change...oh not that again!

Two days ago I had the opportunity to attend a conference called "focus on the 90% and not the 10%" by Darci Lang. I have to say it was the absolute "reset" and reminder that I needed. As much as I knew some of the things that was brought up during this conference life just blinded me with negative emotions, anger, and some sort of void that was left unfilled....I forgot in this moment in time all the things I preached. 

Among the numerous things I learned, if there was one main point that I can share with the world would be  

that we cannot change people

We can only change ourselves and how we think. People can only change themselves when they are willing and ready but we cannot change people. Of course! I thought...I knew this! We all know this! but how many times do we sit here blaming others for the way they are, hoping they will change for the better. It's all in how we choose to approach matters.

I have a loved one whom I blamed for a long time, they have anger management issues, repeatedly bring up past matters that have long gone, they live a good life without giving thanks, they have outrageous public outbursts of anger for smallest matters that are easily fixable. I blamed this loved one for a long time, for my anger, for the way I think and how I feel in aspects of my life. but I never focused on the good things this person has done, the reasons why they did the things they did, and the setting they grew up in which molded their behavior. My reaction towards them only further aggravated the situation, I needed to change...

We've all heard the phrase nothing difficult in life comes easy, and change is one of them. It is almost guaranteed that if you can attempt and succeed at this, you will see a difference in your life. You will think others have changed when really it is just how you've approached situations, how you perceive life because it is you that has changed.