Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Being Truthful With Yourself

"You can control what you say and how you say it, but you can't control how others receive these words" was what my educator used to tell me. I believe this statement to be true in every sense. I recently encountered a situation whereby 'this person' confronted me regarding a incident. On my part I had to swallow my pride and apologize for the situation, rather than compromising 'this person' placed all blame on me, made me look foolish in front of others, lectured me as a child, and reacted as though the incident was all based solely on my responsibility.

'This person' clearly knew the consequences on what was about to occur, yet lied about it. Rather than taking appropriate steps to prevent any mishaps they waited for consequences to occur and began to point fingers at the next person. (as in this case me). I can honestly say I felt terrible and very belittled. 

Most situations can be prevented if all culprits take appropriate measures to prevent mistakes from occurring, it's not just "your fault". I knew the truth of what happened, and despite that this person pointed fingers at me telling me that it is 'my fault' and that is is 'my responsibility'...I know the truth. 

Be the bigger person, apologize for your part. If the other side does not acknowledge their wrongs there is nothing you can do to change their perceptions. Live truthfully, live honestly with yourself. You'll be able to move on with life with ease and without any hold-backs. Live freely and be at peace with your soul before you can be at peace with all other aspects of your life.