Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Can I rely on you?

     I just don't understand, I thought one's duty as a bridesmaid or groomsmen is to accept part of the responsibilities, to be the groom and the brides right hand person. To help, to assist, and to be at one's aid whenever needed. Now, I realize that every being has a schedule, Every being has their own time, and what is busy to them may not be busy to another and vice versa. I get that, I get every single aspect of that meaning. 

     However unless a circumstance involves work, sickness, a death or tragedy there should be no excuses. Excuses are crap words and gibberish junk the mind creates to deny responsibility. It is otherwise known as laziness. Once a commitment is made one should stick to their word. It makes for better friendships and a better lifestyle to my belief. 

     There is no such thing as "I'm too busy", there is a "I'm really busy at the moment" or "I'm busy for these next few days" but there's no such thing as "I'm always busy". Surely in a 24hour period there is at least one hour that can be spared to make a phone call, to text someone to say 'hello', and or drink a cup of coffee with a friend. In my case to show up during appointments when scheduled. Surely this is not all black and white, circumstances do change and I won't deny we all are selfish human beings doing what is best for ourselves. 

     Yet once a promise or commitment has been created try to stick on schedule as the other party has made the effort to spend their time with you. It's about being dependable, staying on schedule, and taking responsibility, some of which are good values to find in a good friend. Do you find yourself cancelling dates with friends, and making excuses discovering that friends are calling you less than usual? If so, it might be time to change as good friends are hard to find, and who knows you may need a good friend to lean on once an awhile.