Monday, May 14, 2012

when life gives you lemons throw it back in life's face!

This is so contradictory from the meaning of my blog but I tell ya I never realized how stressful wedding planning can be, ESPECIALLY if you certain traditions, religions, or superstitions to follow. Women especially are extra hard working and normally I really don't like complaining or becoming some sort of bridezilla but planning is really difficult. Women start exercising and dieting, they plan every little detail, work, yet at the same time attempt to maintain the house work and cooking. Men help to, but in my case very's tux fitting is easy, weight is easy EVERYTHING comes easy whereas a woman's dress takes six months to order in advance?! yet another one of those crazy life's mystery. 

        On top of wedding stress and working out, a massive attack of acne appears and I am hooped, attempting to eat right doesn't help. Eating right for me consists of a healthy balanced diet with yogurt and fruits, and whole wheat, and despite cutting out processed sugars and all other foods I enjoy.... I start to break out.

(heres a tip for acne sufferers):

1) yogurt is high is bacterial cultures which leads to an increased susceptibility to acne breakouts
2) Coffee increases cortisol levels contributing to higher stress levels and ultimately acne
3) wheat increases blood glucose levels which produces insulin inducing inflammation and again....acne

Coffee the love of my life will be dropped from my life....i'm damaged to the center of my being! sigh! I am not one to follow a holistic cleansing hippie organic lifestyle. i like to eat and enjoy....but apparently life threw me a curve ball...if i eat and enjoy life is good but I'll suffer eternal acne and weight gain.......and for the price of beauty i'll have to throw out pretty much all foods I enjoy. I might as well crawl in a hole, live with smeagol and eat off raw dead fish and wait for that pretty little preciouuuusss...