Friday, August 31, 2012

Oh humility how i hate you so....

     One of the utmost worst feelings that encourages patience but forces a swallowing of pride is humility. As a person I don't think I could ever degrade another person in public or look down on others based on whatever their status is in life. Unfortunately there are those that do, possibly a co worker, an acquaintance or a random person. This feeling can cut like a sharp knife, open wounds that can bleed out feelings of embarrassment, anger, or pure sadness. 

How should one react? defensive with fight words? run away and hide? Its easy isn't it just to follow our instincts and use fight or flight, but I can honestly say blessed with experiencing humility builds tolerance. You learn to act in a professional and appropriate manner. Doing so will lessen further embarrassment as you've not stooped to such low levels unlike the opposing view. You'll most definitely be angered, you'll wish you've said 'this and that' but in the long run you'll thank yourself because essentially life moves on. That one microscopic moment will mean nothing in your entire lifespan of significant memories. That one moment you spent arguing is wasted breath on a non important person in your life. Realistically, shit does happen and humility does SUCK....but its how you handle the situation so that you don't further suffer the aftermath. 

You could either be confrontational until your face turns blue, then think about the situation when you got home and feel embarrassed for acting like a total idiot...OR ..You could talk in a calm and appropriate manner, admit when you are wrong then go home at the end of the day not give a two shits about the situation because you have moved on. Which one will you choose?