Saturday, November 13, 2010

what are YOU waiting for?!

Do you guys find that we're always waiting for things? Waiting for the chance, waiting for that moment, waiting for destiny, waiting for deadlines, and as a part of living we are ALWAYS waiting. Sometimes you don't wait, sometimes you procrastinate, sometimes you put things off because of fear or it's just plain laziness. Whatever it is why can't we just go ahead, go forward and go for things! Why wait? the rest of the world is continuous but you're at a standstill.

If you want to do something be the Nike and just DO IT. Nobody will do things for you, nobody will ever have the same desires or want like you do. You have the passion for it so why wait until a friend does something with you and why wait till someone agrees. (keeping in mind that its non harmful to others) but asides that just go for it and go at it with your utmost energy. You have nothing to lose, if you feel like skydiving then go skydiving, if you want to swim then swim, if you want to join a roller derby team than heck JUST DO IT. Don't wait around because chances are too few and far in between.

You make your life, you choose your chances, and you create your destiny. Greater opportunities may arise but in the mean time why sit around and wait? Give life your greatest shot you have nothing to lose, go forth and kick some ass!