Monday, November 01, 2010

For the Love of God, Let it Go!

Why is it so damn hard to let things go. Why do we dwell on things that are so unnecessary? If something already happened then why do we still think about them? Everyone does it but the real question is how do we forget them? I figure maybe listening to music and exercising is a good way to keep the mind occupied. It's so much more peaceful to let the mind relax then to think about why he or she is like this and that. like......who cares! Just let the damned thing go. If you're mad about something, you're mad at that moment but the day after just LET IT GO. yea i know easier said then done, yet once it has already happened the moment won't reoccur. Life is harder in itself, work is stressful than it really is, and we can't get along with everybody but regardless we just gotta let it go!