Sunday, November 14, 2010

Happy and Proud

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Ahhh nothing taste and feels better then a dose of feeling proud. Have you ever done something and attempted to accomplish? Are there goals you've set and have reached almost half way?
Everyone has set goals for themselves. Even things such as learning to tie your shoes, to learn more about computers, or when things are going according to your daily plans.

The problem with humanity is that we don't give ourselves enough credit or any credit at all. Thinking they're frivolous and not large enough of an achievement. EVERYTHING can be an achievement right down to the very last drop. It all comes down to your own perception but give it some self thought. It takes effort to plan your day, get up and go to work, or to begin an exercise routine. Whatever it is give yourself a little credit and continue what you started. Be proud of yourself regardless of what people may say.

Even if you've done something wrong it takes effort to admit it and to go through any type of criticism. Eventually wrong doings will have consequences and hopefully one has learned from the mistakes. Despite what others think, the least you can do for yourself is say "I am PROUD".