Friday, November 19, 2010


Today I'm going to discuss something near and dear to my heart. Let me just say thank you to all health professionals that attempt to make ill ones better the best way they can, physicians, occupational therapists, physical therapists, x ray technicians, Respiratory therapists, nursing attendants, unit clerks, and so on and so on. Lastly, Thank you to all nurses.

Nurses of all kinds,
LPN's and RN's. I don't think anyone has realized the difficulty of a nurse. Many will think nurses strictly wipe..(excuse my language) ass and follow orders. This cannot be further from the truth. Nurses do not get Science degrees or their PhD's or Masters just to learn how to wash and wipe patients. Nurses empower clients, educate patients on what they need to know, provide resources, assess status, and have the knowledge to look for symptoms in case of status changes. Nurses have extensive knowledge on disease pathophysiology, and sometimes have the courage to explain to physicians that sometimes what was ordered may not be correct.

That being, not every single health worker is perfect for their jobs and you may at one point in your life run into the rudest nurse possible. For every one person there are ten other nurses that take their job seriously and are there to advocate for you. Nurses are there to protect and ensure client's are happy and content with care. How many times have you watched a show, say Grey's Anatomy that the hospital is run based on physicians. Half they jobs they do on the show is what n
urses do. Please open your mind and your hearts to the nurses and other health professionals. Planning the care of an individual is not a one person job, yet it is the collaboration of a health care team.