Monday, November 15, 2010

Followers or Dancers

Okay, so the other day a friend and I go dancing. We love to dance and have a good time. No we don't like to pick up guys, and no we didn't wear dresses and stilettos nothing but the best of the best, a shirt, a belt, and some polka dot ballet flats. We didn't leave our groove at home, so thinking there was not much a crowd why not bust a move?

Lame crowds sitting on the corner creepy eyed and bored. I think it defeats the purpose of going dancing if you ask me. Anyhoo two young ..shall we say "i think I'm hot" type girls get on the dance floor after the crowd picks up and starts pointing and laughing at my friend and I.

Needless to say I'm having too good of a time to notice, they leave and we keep dancing. Why people are mean beats me maybe insecurities, maybe they're angry, or maybe they're just not blessed with kind nature (it is an effort for some people).
Low underhanded comments will do no good for this danceholic baby. So remember peeps whether there is a crowd or not, be the leader and do your thing, pay no mind to negative energy and keep on dancing!

Speaking of which, "those dancing days" are a kickass group if you like this genre of music, indie pop happy. Doesn't conform but makes ya wanna dance don't it?