Saturday, November 20, 2010

but....i worked so hard

Okay, la di da You've been working out excessively, dieting excessively, your friends go out and you have a start. Then a sandwich with fries loaded with mayo. You go home and your day is flooded with thoughts on gaining weight, guilt, and why you hadn't controlled yourself.

So not only have you taken the time to work out but you torture yourself with guilt from eating? Well I'll be damned since when does working out mean giving up the joys of eating? Yea you work out to be more healthy, yea you want to look good but just face it people. Enjoying life and socializing with others is to enjoy food. What is guilt going to do besides eat away at your subconscious? and you can't do anything about it because whats done is done. You can opt for more healthy choices all year round so why feel guilty about one day of eating?

Those who are exercise fanatics will probably say I am wrong and it will ruin your routine etc etc. Just look at it this way, if you had one last day on this earth would your thoughts entail "man! i wish i was working out right now!", Pfft Yeaaa Right it'd be "I'm going to have the best damn meal of my life!"

That being said, i'll also stress the moderation speal. Try to not to let both exercise or poor food choices control your life. It's about balance and moderation. We live to eat and eat to live. It is the never ending cycle. Once you've achieved your goal in looking good and being healthy, then what? Maintenance, and with maintenance will still follow thoughts of "should i eat that?" So balance your lifestyle, be healthy, Enjoy yourself, and ditch the guilt!