Friday, November 26, 2010


Someone attempts to cut you off in traffic.
You slow down and although upset
you let them in and they don't give a courtesy gesture.

You open the door for others
they walk through expectantly
As though it was your duty
No word of thanks.

I am all about mannerisms, 'thank you's' and acknowledgment of appreciation. Yet think for yourself, why are you doing this for others. One should not 'give' to others expecting something in return, regardless it be a favor or a word of thanks. Just know you are doing something nice for others is good enough in itself. Expecting a reaction out of others, expecting others to pay you back, expecting others to say thank you.

People should do things out of their own will if not let things be. Sure, gratitude is a nice feeling, but not great as the feeling of being kind and giving. If one expects others to react a certain way to situations then the world will never be kind to one another. If not a thanks, then just a hope that those people will one day give in the continuous never ending cycle.
If you want others to acknowledge you, than you might as well stop being kind because you will be in for a large expected disappointment.

So, before you flip the finger at someone that didn't say thanks for letting him cut you in busy traffic. It was YOU that let him in the first place. Sometimes you just gotta shrug your shoulders and know you did the right thing.