Saturday, December 11, 2010

don't like this don't like that

Okay, if you're a complainer raise your hands.......
If you didn't YOU'RE lying!..........
or you just didn't feel like it because you're talking to a computer monitor.
*looks straight at you double fingered jet li point take you down to china town*

come on, everyone complains right? As positive as I may be even I complain. We complain about traffic, we complain about how expensive things are, we complain about people, politics, food, and work. whatever you can think of at least one person has complained about it. There are those who even make a habit and living out of complaining. Which leads me back to thinking, thanksgiving day is great we give thanks, we give our blessings, our thoughts and we are done. We should be thankful EVERYDAY.

The focus of complaining has blinded us to see the silver lining. Complaining about traffic without realizing you have a vehicle whereas others still bus. complaining about how expensive things are not realizing that if you wanted that shirt badly still be able to afford it. If I wanted a coffee right here right now I can just run out and buy one.

Complaining is human nature, it is not to say we aren't allowed to speak our minds, to share our thoughts and opinions. You may not like how the government runs or how society is fallible. To complain is one's freedom of speech. However, be mindful of what you are complaining about as others may have it so much more worse than You or I. Others are living in times of war whereas some countries have passed it decades ago.

Let's all attempt to complain a little less, and be thankful for the things we have in life even good memories. That is my daily rant! Until next time folks!