Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Look Before Leaping

After our presentation from the manager of public health:

Me: Hey want to go to the mall for a bit?

K.D: "sure"

Me: I gotta go get my jacket

K.D: Well I'm parked right here, want me to turn around to get you?

Me: Sure, I gotta go get my jacket, you know where to pick me up?

K.D: Yea

Go upstairs grab my jacket, my purse, my mittens and head down and out the door.

Me: ..i forget what her truck looks like....(sees a car warming up and parked). I think i'll head on

I go on over, I can't see over the large truck door and being all over 4'11 (Normal Asian Midget Height) I get on the step open the door to get ready to sit down.


Remind me to look before I leap.

Man In Car: Probably thinking...How Much?