Sunday, November 21, 2010

Now Thats My Cup of Joe

You embrace me in your warmth,
you are there when I am cold.
Your aroma slowly wakes me,
it fills my soul and I develop courage for the day.

You create a social atmosphere for friends,
You give an immediate richness and
appearance of a beautiful crisp coldness.

You keep me calm, collected
You give the ability and strength to continue
You accentuate smells of pastries and baking
The pouring and swirling gliding against smooth glass
Thanks Cup of Joe

Thank God for Coffee
I would have never made light nights without it!
Have yourself a cup and Enjoy Your Day! <3

If you are going to indulge in lovely java, might as well listen to this wonderful jazz/lounge pop group called The Classiquai Project. Their tunes range from smooth jazz undertones to high popadelic funk! They are one of my favorite groups to listen to while doing work or drinking coffee. Their 4th album 'Mucho Punk' is one of their best works! Enjoy!