Monday, December 02, 2013

The Art of Not Giving A Shit

     I'm writing this piece in complete contrast to my original thoughts as i've come to new learning's and revelations this year. I've always been a more balanced individual, always trying to give people the benefit of the doubt, feeling bad for my actions and reactions. This year has been one of the biggest eye openers as the reality is...As close to balance as one may be you just can't please everyone. 

     No matter what you do at some point in your life you will have to choose and pick a side. People may not like  you especially when you stand up for yourself. Trying to please everyone is impossible and being the middle ground can lead to extreme burnout.  Most  'people pleasers' always spend too much time worrying about what others feel, how to rectify poor situations, or almost always compromise their happiness just to appease others, so much that they forget their own happiness. That is when burnout and self fatigue comes in. That's when you have to protect your soul and say 'I just don't give a shit'. I'm not implying that one should lash out in rebellious ways and go nuts on everyone, but stand up for yourself. If others are angry at your decision just ask yourself:

Would it matter in the long run if this person didn't like me even though I attempted to do whats right or tried to be fair? (if not stand by your decision, if so what are other alternatives to your decision)

So long as you made a decision the best way you know how that is what matters. Stand by good values, ethics, and principles. Being wrong will become a learning process, and making firm decision  develops internal strength. As we all know picking a side and making a decision is not always easy but it is necessary.