Saturday, September 21, 2013

Feeling the Goodness

          This post was inspired by overhearing a group of women discussing about other women's dress attire during exercise and how the yoga pants are 'too spandex'ie'. Furthermore, they were belittling these women for wearing make up during exercise. It doesn't make sense I mean why would you want to wear make up during a sweat session? But you know what...maybe it makes them feel good?

     For some odd reason there is this taboo that going 'au naturel' and dressing your worst for a workout makes one appear better than the rest. If you're one to think this you might want to reconsider an attitude adjustment because most likely it's making you the ugly one. There are numerous reasons why people wear what they wear, and most likely it is because it makes them feel good.

     I for one had terrible skin all my life and have rarely gone without the bare minimum of make up, I love make up how it looks and makes me feel. Mind you I would love to go natural if I had the skin for it but I don't. Many people probably feel the same and whether you are a man or a woman and you feel the need to wear make up than 'work it like you should!

That is what make up is for: to add color, beauty, and to hide imperfections. There are ways to achieve that natural look. Sounds Ironic but like I said it's all about YOU and what makes YOU feel good. 

    Secondly, if a woman wants to wear tight lulu lemon pants during a work out I think it's great. If she looks good she feels good and vice versa. Head shaking and gossiping will do nothing for you gossipers.  Instead of focusing all that energy on other people's ass'ets you should be focusing on toning yours so that you TOO can look good in a pair of tight spandex.

So What do you do daily to make yourself feel good?

Product Review: I just want to share some things that I've used to achieve a flawless skin look even if you have acne prone skin, acne scarring, and or hyperpigmentation. This is great for everyday wear and does not require hours to apply. I've tried dozens of makeup lines and with my skin type trust me this works well.

 - If you have dry skin it is important you moisturize and apply sunscreen prior to applying primer. This primer will allow for a light smooth application of your foundation without having that 'cake' look especially after a long day. I have used this primer for more than half a day and it works just wonders with my foundation. Primer is necessary to achieve a smooth longer lasting look (moisturizing lotion is not a primer) as lotions will allow for a smooth application of foundation it will not last long and possibly smudge off. 

- This foundation is absolutely amazing if you have very sensitive acne prone/oily skin. It is a liquid foundation that allows for a gorgeous matted look that allows your skin to look smooth without that greasy shine. It is oil free and WILL not cause break outs. It has medium to fuller coverage to hide any imperfections to achieve that flawless look. You won't need much, I used to layer on two layers of foundation liquid but it was not necessary since I have started using this foundation. (if you have pitting acne scars 2 layers will help). If you have dry skin just apply a good moisturizer and than apply. Make up forever is a great makeup line that has been used by celebrities in studio and etc. You can't go wrong with a affordable high quality make up line. 

**I highly recommend this product. From L'Oreal, Maybelline, Lancome, Shu Uemura, and MAC. Nothing is as balanced in affordability and quality as Make Up Forever's foundation line**

- this is my favorite all time step in applying make up...the blush. No it is not a bronzer or finishing powder but it sure appears as one. I don't apply heavy foundation for this reason since the application of blush does it all. It is the finishing that creates that smooth flawless skin and adds to mild coverage of any pigmentation on top of the foundation. I have tanned/mild orange/yellow tinged Asian skin tone. The color 'dainty' or 'warm soul' from this blush line is great for everyday wear. This blush has lasted more than half a day without wearing out, even after a workout session.

The links i have provided you guys are cheaper in price than in retailers so check it out.