Monday, January 04, 2010

Truth to Beauty

Distorted perceptions of oneself is one's own enemy. I've come to realize that people and [especially women] are currently becoming more obsessed with body image. Ever heard someone say "you've got cankles", "you should lose a little weight", "I want to fit in my new bikini"..etc etc. This obsession has become broken rails steering the momentum of body image in the wrong direction. I fully support the notion of exercise. prevention of illness, and improvement of health. However, many have lost enjoyment of life, and poor health due to harm causing diets. Eat what you will so long as you do not over do it. Make the most out of life as it is meant to be enjoyed. So come together as a nation and say so what if I have cankles, So what if I have some weight, So what if I like to eat, and So what if you won't accept my beauty. Accept your body as it is and keep healthy. They argue that if you look good you feel good, yet whatever happened to if you feel good you will look good??