Saturday, January 09, 2010

mislead sign?

So my friend and i reside in this small town for school. I made assumptions and labeled this town as "boring". Yet despite my knowledge there were many activities that go on in this town. One of them was a Christmas function for families designed mainly for children. This Ol' Christmas had arts and crafts, pony rides, and hot caramel dipped in ice, creating what is called a sugar cones. There were lots of tobogganing children and snow all around. It was a nice atmosphere.

Heather and I decide to buy tickets and go on a "hay ride". A sign specifically stating that it is a "hay ride". After 45 minutes of waiting and surrounded by children (we were the only adults), the ride finally stops as we are ready to board. Low and Behold the hay ride:

The only tractor hay ride i've ever seen?!