Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Running for Your Life

Okay so you're running: you got chores to do, homework to complete, pay the bills, wax body hair, iron your clothes and show up to work on time. There's no time for breaks because in that time you could have finished errands and in this time you're anxious, stressed, angry, overwhelmed, frustrated and mad at the world! So like what the hell right? Who doesn't feel this way? Life itself is an on going chore.

Everything becomes so task oriented we forget the joys left in life. Just take the time to just breath. Take a few moments to relax, eat, or play with your kids. Ask for help when necessary, there's no sin in that. At the end of the day those errands will be done, your homework will be handed in by the deadline, and family and friends are satisfied by helping. Life is an on going chore, but what's the point if you forget to enjoy it?