Saturday, November 07, 2009

Ok Happi!!

Ohiyo Fellow humans! What a wonderful morning!! Its super sunny with snow on the ground..YES its winter, its not cold but rather warm and happy. It has been a long time since i've written. School and work and family pretty much has taken up most of my time. I miss writing although i'm not great at it, but nonetheless i still like it.

Remember folks, this blog is about the happy things in life. I won't lie stress is inevitable and it will always be there but it's how we learn cope. Think about what you enjoy doing? For example: ilike drawing, music, reading at coffee shops, traveling. Things i would like to do is skydive, snorkeling, and climb the Himalayas. If I ilike it i will do it. What about you?

The other day a friend and i went to go watch a horror movie. Boy was it ever creepy! My friend was definitely a good sport...she was not a horror movie fan but still willing to give it a go. In the end our arms were sore from pulling each other, and with popcorn all over our seats and jackets. Despite the goriness it was awesome!

All I gotta say is if your having a stressful and negative day grab a friend and do something you enjoy. If you don't have friends go out and make some!! They are a source of positive energy, they listen to your bulls**t, and they are always on your side no matter what! If i have anything to say it'd be ::LIFE IS GOOD:: If it's not, whats stopping you from making it good?